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Eagle Nests Trail lies in the area between Krakow and Czestochowa, in Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. It is a marked trail named after a chain of 25 medieval castles and strongholds which the trail passes by. The ruins are called Eagle Nests because of their placing on a 30 meters tall rock formations. The trail is 163.9 km in length and it is one of the most beautiful places in Poland and the cradle of Polish culture.


Ostaniec Hotel lies in Podlesice village (GPS coordinates: 50.56856 N 19.53381 E) in the administrative district of Kroczyce Community, within Zawiercianski County, Slaskie Voivodeship, in south Poland. It is located approximately 60 km north-east of the regional capital Katowice and approximately 80 km north-west of Krakow. But what is the most important is that the Hotel is also in the area of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland (or Jura) and Eagle Nests Trail (Landscaped Park of Eagle Nests).

"The location of Ostatniec Hotel in the centre of Jura makes it the perfect place for a rest connected with sightseeing of the biggest medieval castle ruins in Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. As well as, sightseeing of Gora Zborow Reserve of unanimated nature and Deep Cave which are situated in the immediate vicinity of Ostaniec Hotel.

Across the area of reserve hiking trails lead: Eagle Nests (red), Rzedkowicki (green), and Liaison from parking lot of Deep Cave (black). And in the vicinity runs hiking trail of Strongholds of Jura (blue). There are also three popular bike trails: Eagle Nests (red), Myszkow-Siewierz (black) and Hotel Ostaniec (green). And at last but not least, there is Transjura Horse Trail."


Bobolice Castle Ruins


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